Choosing the right strings for your bass guitar

The correct choice of strings is extremely important in order to achieve the proper sound of the bass guitar. There are different types of strings. We choose and set the strings on the bass guitar depending on the genre of music and on what kind of music band we play in.

Bass guitar is a stringed instrument and belongs to the group of plucked string instruments. We strum the strings with our fingers or a guitar pick, which can be plastic or made from bone. Plucked string instruments differ from bowed string instruments by the way we play the instrument.

Bowed string instruments produce sound by a bow rubbing the strings. For example instruments such as doublebass or violin.

The strings, along with the corpus of the bass guitar, magnets and amplifiers, produce a range of high and low tones.

Correct setting of new strings on a bass guitar

When buying strings, we should pay attention to choosing the right length in relation to the length of the fretboard (long Scale, Short Scale). Do not let the strings hang from the guitar head, like some guitarists do. Hanging strings also obstruct us when playing.

Avoid coiling a string on another string. Strings should fit nicely!

We should also try to avoid coiling a string on another string. That means that we should not coil a string on the tuning peg, where another string has already been coiled. If not, we risk that our strings detune in most undesirable moment and ruin our mood or even our performance!


Addressing the desire of modern bassists to utilize the entire range of the fretboard, GHS Strings introduces the Big Core Bass set, providing strings that continue to be articulate up to the 24th fret across all strings.

A combination of stainless steel and nickel-iron wraps allows for a clear and articulate tone with solid fundamental bass note accuracy. With the addition of a tapered E string, the Big Core Bass set has a consistent sound from string to string, with outstanding performance past the fifth fret on up.

Currently available exclusively in medium gauge (45-65-85-105), the core-to-cover ratio has been optimized for those musicians that may want to play in drop tunings, but not have to switch to a heavier gauge.

Big Core Bass strings are manufactured in Battle Creek, MI to the exacting standards that the most demanding player has come to expect from GHS Strings, and has an MSRP of $47.66.


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IQS Strings


I just played my first gig with IQS strings on my Ken Smith. All I can say is wow! These strings sounded and felt great. They were smooth feeling on the fingers and very responsive. I also didn’t have to spend a whole lot of time tuning them. They held up much better than the Rotosounds I was using previously. A great low end response and the highs were clean and not tinny at all. I have been turned into a fan of IQS strings after only one gig. Looking forward to hearing more of these strings. Thanks! – Andrew Kallenberger

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