Oasis Bass Strings

Most bass strings are made in a batch process. Electric bass strings have 2-3 successive wraps of stainless steel or nickel steel wire over a steel core. Most manufacturers make a production run of the first wrap before transferring the batch to another machine for the second wrap and so on. When making a string, the core wire is placed in the string winder and then pulled to a particular tension. Then the wire winding is applied. After winding, the string core tension is released and the string drops into the collection tray. This process is repeated for the 2nd and 3rd wraps. The repeated drawing tension and releasing tension creates internal stresses which reduce the strings flexibility and smoothness. Unlike the other electric bass strings, Oasis® electric bass strings are made using a continuous winding process, allowing the application of multiple wraps with different wrap wires without changing machines. The core tension never changes during the winding process until the string winding is completely finished. The result is that the Oasis® Flex-Core electric bass guitar strings are the smoothest, most supple bass strings made in the United States. They are available in 4 or 5 string sets in either nickel steel or stainless steel sets (45-65-85-105 and 125 gauge)
These round-wound, medium-light gauge strings are often compared to the smoothness of Thomastik-Infeld strings with a slightly brighter tone. Unlike this expensive European brand, Oasis® brings you these superior strings at a popular price.

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