MJC Ironworks NPS – Med 5-string 50-70-90-110-130

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Nickel Plated Steel 50-70-90-110-130

MJC Ironworks Nickel Plated Steel strings are the foundation of a smooth, round and full bodied sound. We use the finest materials available, pure 8% nickel plate over the freshest tinned mandolin wire made and… come on, Everyone uses the finest materials made! The trick for us at MJC IRONWORKS is in our core to warp ratios and how we set the machines to run!

Nickel and tin are used to combat the effects of the things that will corrode your strings and rob them of life, the environment, sweat, humidity etc. We offer our RNPROTECTS insert to give you the helps to extend the life of your strings. It’s in the tin (the foam strip).